Dreaming to make yourself worthy in the IT industry

Here are some tips for you

The information technology is often known as the IT sector which is considered to be the most common term used for describing people working in this industry. People who work in the IT are extremely educated in their field, because they are not doing something what a normal or average human being does. And these IT personnel often called IT nerds. They are so efficient in their work, they knows what they are doing and understand their part of job clearly. The IT workers have a great role to play for upgrading the modern business today. As all the software and cloud computing and various other technologically sound aspects are looked after by IT personnel and companies that takes up specific project.

Want to be a part of this industry?

And if you wish to see yourself, working in the IT sector, then here are some useful and helpful tips and information that can give you some insight about this industry. You will also know what it’s like to be working as an important IT person, and acting as the technological lifeline for a company. One is entitled to get excellent salary package to survive like a king. With the changing economy, there are more chances about new positions for the IT sector.

Hear what the professionals feel important to say?

In order to make a living in this field, you must have the degree program from a reputed university. And in order to acquire the skills required for working in the IT field, one must have CIS or the MIS equivalent degree. To stay ahead in this field, you must be advanced not only in terms of education but with practical knowledge that is very important. As per some survey, based on what the result came out, more than 50% people felt that they get recommendation about IT from a close friend or family.

But look here and these are the common majors, you need to follow.

  • Subjects you need to choose- Computer science along with Management Information System.
  • Personality trait common for this field- Creative at problem solving along with sound technical qualities and always curious about the job.

Getting inside IT industry, and also to be able to make yourself qualified for a job you need to have strong background in subjects like, Computer science, physics, mathematics. As you grasp all the important subjects from the grass root level, it will be a lot easier for you to get accustomed to the job. There comes situation, when somebody gets a job with bookish knowledge but fails to show equal performance for the basic things. To succeed you need to have an in-depth knowledge about the subjects.

But depending on the various prospective related to the job, you may shift your interest as per your comfort zone. If you wish to excel in the computer programming field, you should get required degree and knowledge to fit into the specific job you are looking for.

Get started:

There is no specific path that can lead you to IT, but as a fresh college graduate student you can start your journey. Until and unless you are exceptionally good at this field, or any specific topic that falls into the IT category, you have to start from the entry level. One can start as a computer programmer, or a software engineer. In this task, a computer programmer is expected to write and create code along with the help from software engineers. One of the good signs or an added advantage would be, if a fresh graduate is capable of doing both the tasks. This is because, often recruiters aims to give them preference over the others. Apart from this, a candidate must be aware about the latest technologies and tools used in this field of profession.

Businessman standing posture hand holding graph finance isolated on gray background

The IT field is expanding and upgrading itself

There is no denying that, the way technological advancement is happening all around the world, the IT field will in no way will stay behind. There are colleges and universities that believe educating their students with the latest technology and new innovations which will help the fresh graduates for understanding and working with the latest technologies. At the same time, this will help the students to think ahead from their time and try to provide some great innovations in this field. And, yes there are many gifted students who have given their valuable inputs in this field. You can be one, if you wish to strive in this field, your practical knowledge and at the same time, problem solving capabilities may take you to a long way in this career.

Areas in IT which gives job opportunities

You need to know some specific areas in the IT sector which gives job opportunities and, these are quite popular.

  • Cyber security
  • Cloud computing
  • Developing mobile apps
  • Creating web-based games
  • Lastly, creating interactive and interesting apps
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So, if you are expert in these areas, and make yourself suitable as well as worthy enough to fit in these job opportunities, you can try your luck. With a sound knowledge about mobile programming language along with other important languages, you can create the next best app that will get exploded in the social sites.

Other than that, if you have idea about web analytics which is generally used to increase the business function leading to huge growth for any specific app, which means having proper knowledge about marketing and computer science. Having these qualities together makes a candidate all the more crucial for any IT company recruiting a person like that.

As you grow and evolve in this IT field

When you have spent more than a year in this line of work, you will certainly have your ideas and inputs in order to survive and grab senior level job positions. But remember that is only possible when you have gained an experience and set of skills required by a senior level engineer. As you grow and get higher position in this field, you have to take bigger responsibilities and find solutions for complex software. You can also go for, job positions such as, senior developer, team lead or become an adviser for a developer’s team.

What the recruiters has to say?

According to some sources and recruiters, they tend to look for hard working and ambitious candidates. As, such candidates can make a great impact on the betterment for the company. The recruiter knows how to choose the right talent, with years of experience they choose the enthusiastic and responsible candidates among the rest.

The best part in you should be discovered by you, so it all depends on you, which job positions attracts you the more and which position of the job matters the most for you. It is better to decide and grow some interest from the very first moment. Because, there are many who suffers from anxiety and confusion, when they are seen changing the job positions. You may have to face the health hazards and the risks. Be wise and choose it from the initial phase.

Last phase

If you survive by god’s grace, in this field for 10 long years, then you can see yourself as an architect. You will also be in any of the top companies and testing software or mapping out various technological aspects. All of this is possible, when you put your hard work and soul into the work. This is not impossible but only possible with dedication.